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FIE lisää turvallisuuttaa FIE-kilpailuissa
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Kirjoittaja:  Lena [ 13.12.2011 17:23 ]
Viestin otsikko:  FIE lisää turvallisuuttaa FIE-kilpailuissa

Huomioikaaa FIE:n tuore päätös liittyen turvallisuuteen.
FIE-kilpailuissa on sekä opettajalla että oppilaalla oltava täysi varsutus päällä mm. oppituntia annettaessa.


FIE:n tiedote: ... gentes.pdf


Creation of a new article t.15.2 (the current t.15.2 becoming t.15.3) further to the FIE Medical
Commission's recommendation which aims at increasing security at FIE competitions:
It is obligatory for any fencer who warms up or trains with another fencer or who takes a
lesson on site at an official FIE competition (including in the training halls linked to the
competition) to wear fencing clothing and equipment which conforms with the FIE regulations.
Any other person giving a lesson must wear at least a fencing master's plastron, as well as a
fencing glove and a mask conforming to the regulations.

Lena Tallroth-Kock

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