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EFC etsii vapaaehtoistyöntekijöitä Sheffieldin EM-kisoihin
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EFC Volunteer Programme for the European Senior Championships
Sheffield 12-19 June 2011

In co-operation with British Fencing, the European Fencing Confederation invites all its member federations to nominate candidates for a volunteer programme during the European Championships in Sheffield. An equal gender balance among the participants will be a priority.

• To promote co-operation between the members of the EFC/CEE
• To provide the possibility to gain experience from the organisation of a major championship
• To encourage the participation of women in the international fencing community

Target group
Members from national federations with interest in volunteering and an interest in gaining experience from tournament organisation. Participants must be able to communicate in English.

Date of arrival: 12th July. Date of departure: 19th July.

Job description
Volunteers participate under the same conditions as national volunteers. The work is co-ordinated by the volunteer manager of the organisation. The tasks will include, depending on the individual qualifications, all the normal volunteering assignments for time- and scorekeeping, access control, handling the camera for video refereeing, etc. An additional series of seminars on relevant subjects is also planned. More info: An EFC/CEE diploma will be issued to participants.

Financial conditions
Participants must pay themselves the cost for travel to and from Sheffield, lodging and food outside the competition. The organisers will provide food and refreshments during the competitions and also the volunteer T-shirt.

The organisers offer low-cost lodging at the Halls of Residence of Sheffield University (approx GBP 150 for seven nights). There is also hotel accommodation available.

Information and application
Information: Marja-Liisa Someroja, EFC/CEE Women & Sports

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