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Kirjoittaja:  tpanula [ 30.9.2005 9:18 ]
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Miekkailusanastoa (ranska-suomi):

En garde! = Varoasentoon!

Etes-vous prêts? = Oletteko valmiit?

Oui = Kyllä

Non = Ei

Allez! = Aloittakaa!

Halte! = Seis!

Laittakaa replyjä jos löytyy muita sanoja tai jos tulee joku sana vastaan ja ei tiedä sitä. Ainakin itsellä tuli yllättävän iso termistötulva kun vilkaisin Oulun Miekkailutarvikkeen sivuja jotka muuten löytyvät täältä: ... anguage=fi

Kirjoittaja:  Leo Pekkala [ 31.10.2005 8:36 ]
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Pienen miekkailua koskevan sanaston löydätte kotisivuiltamme: ... termit.htm
Näillä pärjää jo aika pitkälle.
Miekkailullisin terveisin!

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Kirjoittaja:  Teemu Tokola [ 31.10.2005 9:30 ]
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Tässä vielä yksi olennainen sanasto, tämä tosin vain englanniksi:

Abstain: French for "so sorry, I wasn't paying attention."
Advance: Forward motion made by male fencers toward female fencers, usually resulting in a three-yard penalty, a red card, and a slap across the face.
Alléz: Place to go for a cigarette in the middle of a tournament.
Attack in Preparation: When you sneak up and hit your opponent while they're still putting on their uniform.
Ballestra: Male ballerina.
Barrage: Shelling your opponent with cannon fire from several miles away.
Beat attack: Counting 'a-one, a-two, a-1,2,3,4' before hitting your opponent.
Change of Engagement: Selecting a new fiancee.
Corps-a-corpse: Sin of the Fleche. French for "full contact fencing."
Coupe: Little foreign car fencers often drive.
Croise: A French pastry.
Derobement: The Houdini-like motions required by fencers to escape their straightjacket-like fencing uniforms.
Disengage: Getting rid of your fiancee, usually by fencing too much.
Dry Fencing: Fencing without alcohol.
En Garde: French for "On Guard," a paranoid state in which the fencer believes everyone is out to get him.
Engagement: What your fiancée breaks when they realize all you care about is fencing.
Envelopment: What fencing does to people who just want to "try it once".
Feeble: What old fencers eventually become.
Feint: What a fencer does after they get their credit card bill from a tournament weekend.
Fencing Time: Usually lost in equipment down time, tournament waiting time, etc.
FIE: A curse given in Old English.
Fleche: Is all bruised after a few bouts.
Foible: The mistake you make that lets your opponent get a hit.
Foil: What you are trying to do to your opponent.
Forte: The cost of a new blade.
French Grip: The fencers secret handshake.
Guard: What you have to do at tournaments so your teammates don't "borrow" all your food.
Lamé: Fencers term for a non-fencer.
Off-piste: How you feel when your expensive equipment starts failing.
One-Two: Basic fencing dance step. Followed by "Cha-Cha-Cha."
Overlay: What the fourth person in the back of the Fiesta has to do.
Passé: All those other sports you tried before fencing.
Phrase: When fencers manage to string words together rather than grunting monosyllabically.
Piste: How to end a tournament. Or start it, in some cases.
Pistol Grip: What you want to grab when you loose a 14-14 D.E. on a questionable call.
Plaqué: What you get between your teeth if you don't brush
Pommel: Beating your opponent senseless with the hilt of your weapon, for sabre fencers only.
Principle of Defense: De grass is always greener on de other side.
(Niille jotka eivät tajua: Giacomo di Grassin miekkailuopas julkaistiin 1570)
Quarte: A measure of liquid (i.e.: A quarte of milk. Or indeed a quarton of milk).
Quinte: No such word as...
Redoublement: Pause during the bout for the fencer to take another breath mint.
Replacement: What you have to buy quickly at the weapon stand when your last body wire fails.
Right-of-way: That driving law you may need to ignore to get to a tournament on time.
Score: What fencers try to do in the Venue after they've lost a match.
Second Intention: What you need to come up with when your attack fails miserably.
Steam fencing: Fencing in a sauna.
Stop-hit: Look left, look right, listen, look right again and then hit.
Taking the blade: To steal someone else's weapon.
Tempo: Usually moderato, but faster on the rocky bits and the middle eight.
Touche: A famous cartoon turtle.

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